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Ceridian’s Payroll and HR Software Solution: A Review


Ceridian’s Payroll & HCM Software—Additional Capabilities

Additional Ceridian system capabilities that are typically reviewed during the Payroll/HR software selection process include:

Ceridian’s HR Analytics

Reporting options are easily accessible through a divided vertical menu (Payroll and Other reports) and the HR system includes numerous standard reports, including a report library with over 225 HR/Payroll reports. The Power Query function allows for browser-native access to build quick reports with the user's choice of output formats. Power users can also customize company specific queries to meet specific company reporting needs. End-users have the ability to send reports to a printer or a network, save them as local files or share reports via email. Ceridian also offers comprehensive report writing services. Finally, exports of any required data can support a variety of reporting needs and methods. While reporting is broad and all the basic reports are in place, more advanced analytics such as data warehousing, data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), data modeling and predictive analytics are largely absent.

International Payroll and HR Capabilities

Very little information is available on the international capabilities of the Ceridian HR/Payroll solution. From what we can infer, the system is a distinctly North American solution, and the software is only offered in the languages of English and French Canadian. While multiple currencies are supported, it does not appear as though the international route is one that the company wishes to either pursue or reveal they are pursuing.

Mobile Capabilities

Much like the way Kronos singularly drove its mobile application development through via the workforce management avenue, Ceridian's Workforce Management (Time and Attendance) solution supports mobile devices such as Google Android and Apple iOS platforms (including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and allows for approvals from the device—a significant improvement from mobile device applications that only provide alerts. While form factor specific, the offering is basic and needs to be branch out to be a more viable option for the company long term.

Ceridian's Dayforce

Little innovation has come out of Ceridian for some time save their latest project "InView". A "true" Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Ceridian had 230 clients signed to InView as of mid-2011 and that number was of course expected to rise. However, this next phase on Ceridian's product roadmap and the company’s bid to get into the "cloud" game, was ill-timed or ill-fated and the company scrapped plans after acquiring DayForce this past year. InView had tremendous potential since the SaaS market for HRMS was still relatively wide open, but the company opted to switch gears and develop an entirely new application called Ceridian DayForce. Functionality includes a brand new cloud payroll engine, which sits in stark contrast to the service bureau offerings that were expected. But the true promise that this application holds is in its integration with the company’s workforce management applications. A fully functioning SaaS HCM system, Dayforce is set to have ESS and MSS capabilities, benefits functionality (including eligibility parameters and open enrollment capabilities) and down the line, talent management integration.

  • Time & Attendance automates clocking and streamlines time-sheet maintenance by providing robust employee time tracking and the ability to edit and audit clocks and punches. This functionality gives employers a vehicle to communicate with employees during the schedule validation process, and helps managers calculate gross pay quickly and accurately while complying with complex regulations.
  • Labor Scheduling optimizes company performance by providing a scheduling solution that makes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) an integral part of the workforce management process, allowing front-line managers to immediately understand the business implications of their scheduling decisions. KPIs provide feedback on department performance relative to budget goals, forecasted labor requirements, scheduling policies, employee availability and labor rules.
  • Labor Tracking provides a simple-to-use, automated and seamlessly integrated method to capture all the activities your workforce has been performing. Activities can be recorded against departments, jobs, schedules and projects, resulting in improved employee accountability and accurate data on payroll, projects and work order hours actually worked.
  • Time Away From Work Manager coordinates employee time-off requests and manager approvals while providing a clear record of the status of each request, so there is no risk of losing requests or having inadequate labor coverage.
  • Labor Analytics provide managers with a one-click view into their workforce data for pay summary and detail, attendance roll call, employee comments, audit information and more - with the ability to track information against departments, jobs, schedules and projects.
  • Data Collection coordinates Time & Attendance functionality with data capture devices that record when employees clock in and out for shifts, breaks and meals. The service supports Web and physical clocking devices that provide proximity, barcode, bio and magnetic stripe reader technologies.
  • Alert Notifications can be configured to trigger in a variety of formats, including email and SMS text messages. Notifications are sent in real time to alert managers of issues that require immediate attention, while less urgent notifications can be viewed in a single location of aggregated issues.


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Ceridian Review



Ceridian HR/Payroll Software Review



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