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Ceridian’s DayForce Payroll and HCM Software Solution: A Review

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Ceridian Dayforce's Sweet Spot & Competitor Solutions

Ceridian Dayforce's Sweet Spot

Though Ceridian does not specify an ideal employee population for its payroll software, the best fit for Dayforce appears to be the upper end of the middle market and upwards (ideally between 5K-10K employees). That said, Dayforce has attracted customers that are both larger and smaller than those figures. Further, from what we can gather in our research (given the workforce management focus that Dayforce has), businesses which are heavily-dependent on scheduling capabilities, or utilize a sizeable hourly workforce (e.g. Hospitality, Retail, etc.) are prime candidates for the Dayforce solution. Current marquee clients leveraging Ceridian Dayforce are Aeropostale, Guitar Center, HoffMaster, and Accessible Space.

When you're looking for a payroll solution, shortlist Ceridian if:

  • Your business is within one of the above-named vertical markets.
  • You're seeking a pure-play, natively developed, end-to-end HCM solution.
  • Your organization is on the upper end of the middle market or larger.
  • Your organization has a high concentration of complex U.S., Canadian, or UK payroll needs.
  • You favor a SaaS solution over an on-premises deployment
  • Your company needs the flexibility and innovation that comes from an established, "true" multi-tenant SaaS HR solution

Alternative Solutions to Ceridian Dayforce

Payroll and HR software buyers may wish to look further afield if:

  • Your organization operates globally and needs both global payroll and HR functionality from a single provider.
  • Needing a full suite of talent management capabilities
  • Seeking a vendor with an unmitigated Social HCM strategy
  • Your company falls into the lower end of the SMB market as Dayforce's robust capabilities may be underutilized

Ceridian Competitors

As a company, Ceridian's closest competitor currently remains ADP due to the combination of outsourcing and payroll markets that both companies play well to. However, Ceridian Dayforce's most direct competitors wind up falling into several other arenas thanks to the myriad aspects of the system. For instance, the strong workforce management capabilities that Dayforce provides make Infor, Kronos, and Red Prairie key competitors. Further, with Dayforce's latest Touch device, the company has thrown its hat into the ring of the mobile time-clock market—which pits it directly against Kronos there as well (given recent Kronos's unveiling of InTouch). Unfortunately, in the broader HCM market, competition is as fierce as it has ever been, and until Ceridian completes the build-out of Dayforce's talent management functionalities, the company will be up against vendors such as Oracle, SAP, and Workday that simply offer more.

Ceridian Dayforce Review: Some Concluding Remarks

Although it may have been a rocky road to get to their current enviable state as an innovative SaaS provider of payroll, HCM, and workforce management solutions, Ceridian has proven that with the right support and leadership, even an aging vendor can provide the market with a solution that pushes the envelope. Clearly, with Dayforce, the company has hit upon the right solution for right now; especially given the fact that so many of the other major vendors in the space are busy trying to rationalize their aggregate offerings to be able to offer a successful cloud product. It's been a bold move for Ceridian to make a wholesale leap to the cloud, but this effort could well pave the way for Ceridian to start seriously chipping away at the market share that some of the larger companies have come to take for granted. As we come through this inflexion point in the Payroll and HR industries, it will be time for an ever-increasing number of providers to show how their solutions can meet eveolving business needs; and with Dayforce Ceridian is one of the first to put their stake in that ground.

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