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Ceridian’s Payroll and HR Software Solution: A Review


Ceridian Payroll and HCM Software Product Analysis

Ceridian HR Software Review and Analysis

As for the actual payroll and HR software product, Ceridian has several separate HR software modules that represent a strong offering for "core" HRMS but little else. Specifically, those functions are:


As is the case for numerous other payroll software solutions, Ceridian allows for a comprehensive completion of payroll functions such as earnings, deductions and taxes; as well as payment/submission options, paycards, wage garnishment, check printing, time tracking, and compliance. The solution also allows for certain tailoring aspects as well if unique scenarios require paying employees in a non-standard manner. Legislative and regulatory support is also provided by Ceridian (with Ceridian holding responsibility for applying the updates needed to remain in compliance). However, this part of the payroll processing solution is only available within the United States and Canada; an obvious drawback for organizations that have global payroll accountability.

Employee Benefits

Administration This software module handles the functionality basics of online enrollment and eligibility as well as restricted reporting capabilities. This module also serves as the hub for Benefits Administration Outsourcing; Consumer-Directed Health Care (HSA, HRA, and FSA); COBRA Benefits Administration; Commuter Administration; QDRO & QMCSO Services; and Tuition Reimbursement Services.

Human Resources Management (HRM) & Outsourcing (HRO)

As can be expected from an HR system that relies heavily on outsourcing revenues, this "system of record" module is extremely basic and serves as the repository for data to flow to the other modules within the system. The HR software does support multiple sub-entities, an obvious plus for those organizations needing capabilities for a geographically-dispersed workforce. As for usability, the browser-based solution opens to a primary interface that provides options for accessing the Employee List (with numerous search/filtering capabilities); Employee Functions, Payroll Functions, Reports, Benefits, Leave Accruals, Code Tables and System setup. Text links within these categories allow for easy entering of new hires, easy editing of employee data, time entry, submitting payroll and viewing payroll reports. Data can be further parsed through a tab view at the individual employee record level.

Corporate Wellness & Employee Assistance

This HR software module handles more sophisticated aspects of employee wellness and houses functionality for Employee Assistance Programs; Work-Life Services; Critical Incident Management; LifeWorks Online; Corporate Health & Wellness Programs; Health Coaching; Health Assessments; Health/Productivity Incentives; and Onsite Health Services.

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Ceridian Review



Ceridian HR/Payroll Software Review



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