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Ceridian’s Payroll and HR Software Solution: A Review


Ceridian HR Software Strengths and Weaknesses

Ceridian’s competitive positioning in the payroll and HR software market can be summarized by highlighting the following strengths and weaknesses.

Ceridian Payroll and HR Software Strengths

  • Solid payroll functionality provides an avenue for integration with other best-of-breed management solutions.
  • A simple UI with intuitive navigation boost end-user engagement and keeps the learning curve for new adopters short.
  • The FTC ruling has highlighted the importance of information security and the company’s response has created some of the highest security levels in the industry. Compared to other vendors, Ceridian’s data security issues should be a thing of the past.
  • Strong financial support from owners Thomas H. Lee Partners has provided the elbow room for refocusing and rebuilding and could do so again in the face of future market changes.
  • Robust functionalities within the payroll-related arena (i.e. paycards) provides an excellent opportunity for those organizations heavy on contingent labor who want to eliminate the necessity to print payroll checks.
  • The company’s latest foray into cloud computing could wind up netting a viable and impressive SaaS system-of-record (SoR).

Ceridian Payroll and HR Software Weaknesses

  • The number of acquisitions that Ceridian has undertaken has created a sizeable amount of "technical debt" especially given its propulsion towards cloud-based HR solutions. This could spell trouble for integration capabilities.
  • The company is still in the process of managing (and fixing) the damage caused by a very public security breach suit – public perception is lagging behind the security improvements already made.
  • Further brand damage can be found on various social media channels in the form of commentary from disgruntled current and former Ceridian employees.
  • Ceridian's lack of social media tools and integration could become a serious detriment to the company as the trend for introducing social media utility in payroll software continues to grow.
  • Global HR functionality does not necessarily compare well to Ceridian's closest software competitors so buyers looking for an integrated payroll and HR system may choose to look elsewhere.
  • While for the most part positive, the company’s recent course altering to improve their cloud offerings has resulted in somewhat of a discombobulated message for current and prospective customers about what Ceridian will be focusing on and if this diverted attention will affect customer support.

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Ceridian Review



Ceridian HR/Payroll Software Review



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