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Independent Meta4 Software Review


Additional Meta4 PeopleNet Capabilities

Additional system capabilities that are typically reviewed during the Payroll/HR software selection process include:

HR Analytics

Meta4’s PeopleNet Payroll/HR has (hands-down) one of the single most impressive business intelligence solutions on the market. With regards to reporting, a huge selection of standard reports is available (e.g. performance management, learning, global compliance, etc.) While reporting functionality is incredibly important though, that fact of the matter is that almost every major Payroll/HR vendor provides these elements. As such, Meta4 had to look elsewhere to be able to provide a competitive differentiation focus—a search that ended when the company developed the Active Dashboard (ADB module) as well as a query tool in the PeopleNet solution with "drag-and-drop" capabilities (thereby enhancing the User Experience precipitously when faced with the task of customized or ad hoc reporting for non-technical users).

Essentially just a view of the organization seen through the lens of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); the capabilities of the ADB module make analyzing the main variables linked with managing people (who have a direct impact on the company's business) faster and easier. This is accomplished by leveraging: the Meta4 dynamic interface (with intelligent, easy, multidimensional and intuitive navigation); analytical capabilities with predictive suggestions and possible next actions to pursue; intelligent filters for fine tuning search criteria; the ability to directly execute decisions from each analysis; active filters/searches/graphics; the ability to drill down from a global bird's eye view to individual snapshots and supporting detailed data; and integration with Crystal Reports and Business Objects for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and report tools connectivity.

Compensation Management

As mentioned earlier, the Compensation Management module has been sub-divided out of the “core” Payroll and HR offering. When viewed though as an integral piece to the PeopleNet solution though, it’s clear that the feature set of this aspect of the Meta4 application serves a critical purpose that not all other systems can measure up to. Specifically, this module allows for HR team members to set up and manage salary structures (including multiple compensation arrangements in accordance with geographic locations or business units); as well as automatically create graded, broadband, or step-rate salary models via user-defined parameters. Further, from a MSS (Manager Self-Service) perspective, the Compensation Management module provides the added functionalities of work unit budget analysis; salary review identification; access (and guidance) for salary increase methodologies; performance management linkage; and incentive management.

Mobile Functionality

Meta4’s approach to mobile Payroll and HR, while utilitarian, is decidedly basic—and only provides browser-based mobile support to the Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, and RIM platforms. With regard to Workforce Planning & Scheduling, mobile capabilities are limited to text and email notification of roster/shift changes and approved requests. For Benefits Administration, registration and/or cancellation confirmations as well as benefits availability communications are all that is available. The Payroll module does offer some extended mobile functionality, such as payroll calculations, expense approvals, payment processes, payroll simulations, and payslip access, but the bulk of these capabilities like other modules is relegated to notifications rather than interactivity. Unfortunately, as is the case with other Payroll/HR solutions where native applications have not been developed, user experience (UX) suffers and Meta4 cannot fully leverage the capabilities that mobile form factors provide.

International Support

With a physical presence in 11+ countries, as well as a geographic operational spread of 100+ locales, Meta4’s products are truly global and backed up with sales, service, and support personnel at the local level. Further, the PeopleNet solution offers an array of currencies as well as regional and localized compliance support for more countries than the majority of its direct competitors. Interestingly enough however, Meta4’s support for multiple languages is not nearly as robust—supporting only English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and German languages. While the company does have a significant amount of customer within the South America and European markets, the fact of the matter is that further growth may well be determined by the additional language capabilities Meta4 can develop and deploy.

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Meta4 PeopleNet Software Review



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