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Meta4 Independent Software Review


Meta4 Hosting & Software Pricing

Hosting and Cloud Delivery

Meta4’s hosting services are based on a primary data center in Madrid, Spain with backup centers in Amsterdam and London. Given these locations, Spanish data privacy law (containing possibly the closest safeguards) derived from the European Union (EU) Data Protection Directive applies. All three data centers are ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 (previously SAS 70) compliant and feature redundancy, failsafe communications/energy provisions, and 24x7 hardware/software monitoring to ensure maximum information security and platform accessibility.

Additional hosting specifications include:

  • all upgrades and technical evolutions are automatic and transparent to the customer.
  • incidences and enhancements are included as part of the Meta4 platform and software maintenance.
  • regular backups ensure that an up to date snapshot of the client application and specific configurations is available for recovery.
  • security measures feature internet firewalls/IPS, anti-virus, dedicated FTP server for content uploading and downloading using the SSH protocol, secured data transactions, 24x7 physical security surveillance at data centers, company data protection and confidentiality, authentication, and secure identity management.

Although Meta4 (unusually for the industry) do not make public details of their SaaS availability (uptime, downtime, etc.), performance statistics (latency, jitter and packet loss) or maintenance schedule; the service level agreement (SLA) does cover platform operability, response time, critical (and very serious) incident resolution, and backup. Although details were unavailable for potential financial remuneration in the event of service level failure, it is to be anticipated that a degree of percentage-based credit would be allocated if the SLA is not met.

Meta4 Software Pricing

On the surface, Meta4’s pricing structure would be appear to be more straightforward than most, offering all the of the PeopleNet components (including payroll) under a base system price which has a license fee derived from a pay-per-use model. The monthly fee covers usage, hosting, support, and maintenance and is set at a fixed rate calculated on employee population. In this sense, it appears to be a simple SaaS-type subscription model. However, the company offers four distinct subscription packages which suggest additional charges. No specific pricing specs were released by the vendor in our query.

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Meta4 Review



Meta4 PeopleNet Software Review



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