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Meta4 HCM Software Review


Meta4 Strengths and Weaknesses

Meta4's competitive positioning in the payroll (and wider HR) software market can be summarized by highlighting the following strengths and weaknesses.

Meta4 Strengths

  • With capabilities far in excess of many vendors within the global midmarket industry, Meta4's Payroll function is best-of-breed.
  • Some clients are of the opinion that Meta4’s integration between the "core" HRMS and other functions such as Performance, Compensation and Succession Management is also best-of-breed, and research from Gartner would support this.
  • Meta4's "person-centric" architecture is an industry innovation and has the potential to alter preconceived notions of how data should be handled and flow within an organization.
  • While Meta4 do not currently offer genuinely world-class predictive analytics or data modeling, the Active Dashboard (ADB) module within PeopleNet features one of the best business data visualizations available.
  • The PeopleNet workflow engine is particularly effective in automating business processes and offers features unique within the broader HCM field.

Meta4 Weaknesses

  • A lack of marketing within the U.S. – the single largest IT market in the world – has resulted in limitations on Meta4’s good global reputation. Efforts to increase awareness of brand and offering must be made in order to improve their standing within this geography.
  • Furthermore, the lack of North American data centers (along with restrictive European data protection regulations) may be off-putting to prospective customers.
  • PeopleNet software does not offer built-in time and attendance functionality, preferring to source this via third party providers. This undermines PeopleNet as a true end-to-end solution and gives competitors and opening.
  • If Meta4 don’t address the lack of social media integration in PeopleNet, it may be interpreted as a repeat of the company’s misperception of the talent management market in the early 2000s.
  • Mobile access if currently limited to browser-neutral access to web pages which are not designed for mobile form factors.
  • The lack of visual software customization tools and a third party, pre-integrated online app store leave customers with few good options when the payroll or HR software is missing particular feature sets or requires software customization.

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Meta4 PeopleNet Software Review



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