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NuView Systems Payroll and HR Software Review


Additional Capabilities of NuView Systems Software

HR Analytics

The first notable aspect of NuView’s analytics functionality is that the system is actually divided into 2 separate modules, Metrics and Reporting—an interesting distinction given that few companies within the SMB to large enterprise market would self-select out of either. Taken together however, this software solution provides a solid HR business intelligence platform. For one, NuView’s analytics allow any type of user, from novices to advanced technical users, the ability to access and run reports on demand and include any data within the system. Starting with standard reports (i.e. regular compliance queries such as EEO, VETS 100, OSHA, etc.), the feature set of this module has been further built out to accommodate 150+ out-of-the-box reporting options; including benefit statements, total compensation statements, and countless others. Aside from the fact that these reports are immediately accessible within the system, the process of copying and modifying these queries is an easy and fairly straightforward process. Should the organizational need arise though for customized reports or analysis (an all but expected option for most companies), NuView can accommodate this through the system’s Report Writer.

Essentially a beefed up visual layout tool, NuView’s Report Writer is used for content delivery (including content with multiple layers and multiple variables) from the underlying database. Aside from the default report writer (Crystal Reports), support is also available for additional reporting tools if needed. One thing that organizations should be cognizant of though is that if the standard HTML reporting layout from NuView will not be utilized (available without Crystal Reports being present), the Crystal Reports Server is a requirement to use the Crystal Reports layout files. Adding on to these features, NuView also offers the Query Design Tool (QDT)—a data access contrivance that is effectively the starting point for the creation/selection of display fields, records, and sort order. Available for a host of purposes, this reporting function can be used for options such as to performing mass updates, selecting benefits criteria for eligibility criteria, as well as countless others by handling tasks via user table and field exposure (for authorized users)—leveraging both natural language and form model queries for ease of use. Of course advanced users have the option of SQL statement queries, but the main takeaway here is that the NuView system provides options; even providing the chance to tag on additional fields (even tables) with the system’s underlying toolset.

Covering a comprehensive reporting library (which includes options for payroll, benefits, compensation, employment, staffing, performance, compliance, and MSS/ESS data) as well as “one step up” report tools such as Point-in-Time and Scheduling, NuView’s analytics has the capability to easily provide most if not all standard Payroll/HR reports. The only problem that organizations could have with this system is if truly advanced business intelligence features such as OLAP (online analytical processing); data mining/warehousing, dynamic dashboards, or predictive modeling is needed—features that simply aren’t a part of the available solution at this time.

International Support

Belying its relatively small size, NuView’s international capabilities are not only robust, but in comparison to other major payroll and HR software vendors, global capabilities are extremely impressive. To begin, aside from multiple currency management (both local and corporate), NuView leverages support for Unicode and double byte characters; options that greatly expand the reach of where the solution can deliver. Further, the company manages a staggeringly large amount of language sets; including English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Malaysian, Czech, Korean, Swedish, Thai, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Italian, Latvian, Danish, and Portuguese (with more to come)—evidence that clearly the company has identified globalization as a core operational tenet. Yet, the global capabilities of the NuView system don’t stop there. Next, the NuView system tackled the localization of forms concept—bringing the user’s native language to the forefront by allowing forms to be translated without specialized coding efforts. In turn, this functionality carries over into rules and regulations that are country-specific—allowing command level line item customizations for both forms and workflows. Still, perhaps the most impressive capability that the NuView solution leverages is that of its International Regulator—an offering that allows information for a particular locale to be dynamically turned off or on by the user. More specifically, the International Regulator lets users easily configure (without the need for customizing or advanced programming skills) what data fields are needed for a given country. Have a country like France with stringent privacy laws? Then those data fields would not be present. Likewise, if you have operations in somewhere like Canada and need to know about the Social Insurance Expiry Date, then those additional fields would be present.

Mobile Functionality

Though iPhone & Blackberry compatible, NuView’s mobile technology feature set needs a web browser-enabled phone and Windows Mobile 6.0 (or higher) to function—requirements that speak volumes about the company’s capabilities in this area. More specifically, NuView is following suit with an unfortunate number of vendors that have opted to not dedicate resources to developing an application which is native to mobile. True, NuView’s Payroll/HR software can provide access and authorization to nearly all administrative tasks (e.g. salary changes/requests; requisition requests; bonus/reward requests; time off requests; training class enrollments; and address changes), but the user experience is not one that is optimized for the mobile form factor.

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