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NuView Systems Payroll and HR Software Review

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NuView Best Fit and Competitors

NuView Sweet Spot
While NuView’s payroll and HR software solutions are not targeted at any particular industry, they are designed to be flexible enough to be generally applicable to any sector environment. However, the fact that the majority of NuView clients come from a small selection of verticals – Healthcare, Finance, Construction, Manufacturing, and Biotechnology – would suggest that clients in these areas do find NuView to be meeting their payroll and HR needs. As to ideal workforce sizes, once again, an examination of the client list could suggest a best fit with workforces from 500-10K (the SMB market). Marquee clients include: ITT Group (40,000 employees) Lantmannen (15,000 employees worldwide), BISSELL Homecare Inc., Enterprise Community Partners Inc., Ellet Brothers United Sporting Companies, Xyratex International, Haas Group International, and Palm Health Partners.

When you’re looking for a payroll solution, shortlist NuView if:

  • You're an SMB organization seeking a best-of-breed HRMS.
  • Your requirements include well-tested international capabilities, such as multiple languages and multiple currency functionality.
  • You fall within one of the above-named verticals that are consistently attracted to NuViewHR.
  • You're an organization looking for architecture with single-tenant control capabilities, paired with the close support that a smaller firm can offer.

Alternative Solutions
Payroll and HR software buyers may wish to look further afield if:

  • Your organization seeks a payroll solution that is part of an end-to-end solution that includes robust talent management functionality.
  • Your organization is aiming to fully leverage the update (as opposed to upgrade) schedule, efficiencies, and easy scalability of a "true" cloud or SaaS deployment.
  • Your organization is a social-oriented enterprise and/or wishes to maximize the use of social technologies in its payroll and HR software.
  • Your company has immediate needs for best-of-breed mobile capabilities.

NuView Systems Competitors

With regard to integrated HRMS solutions, NuView directly competes with Kronos (especially considering each vendor's involvement in the healthcare vertical), Vana Workforce, Ceridian, Ultimate, Workday, SumTotal and Epicor. However, from the purely payroll perspective, neither Vana, SumTotal, nor Epicor provide payroll functionality with their HR software solutions.

Concluding Remarks

NuView has almost two decades of operating experience and has made some changes along the way; some in response to the technological shifts of the payroll and HR marketplace, and others in response to client feedback regarding what the customer needs from the solution. However, the drawback to this latter source of input is that given the company’s relatively small existing client pool, it may have neglected to take into account the wider needs of prospective clients. Put simply, in order to properly realize the company’s strategic vision of a best-of-breed HRMS software suite that delivers best-in-class international capabilities, NuView needs to heavily invest in the understanding and delivery of a true cloud infrastructure. The single-tenant architecture with dated UI may have worked at an earlier stage in HR software evolution, but that time is over.

Furthermore, with the growth of IT consumerization (and the increasing capabilities of consumer software) vendors like NuView need to put more development into enhancing the user experience by implementing a more aesthetically-pleasing interface; to neglect this aspect of the solution risks end-user disengagement. NuView does have the right product to make an impact at the top level (and make prospective clients’ shortlists) but only by addressing these issues can NuView shake off its “boutique” label and recreate itself as serious competition for industry innovators such as Workday, Ultimate Software and Meta4.

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