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NuView Systems Payroll and HR Software Review


NuView Hosting & Software Pricing

Data Center Hosting & Cloud Delivery

Client data is hosted at NuView's primary data center in Andover, MA with a secondary backup center in San Jose, CA. As is to be expected, both data centers hold SSAE 16 (previously known as SAS 70 Type II) and Safe Harbor (EU data privacy legislation) certifications. While SSAE 16 is practically a U.S. data center industry standard and is sufficient to support a client company’s compliance with section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, it is worth noting that NuView’s data centers are not ISO 27001 certified. (ISO 27001 consists of a prescriptive set of 131 internal controls and is the leading global certification for data center operations.) Due to the lack of this certificate, assessment of NuView’s data handling, internal controls, uptime assurance, and information security related to data center management is significantly more difficult for the prospective client.

The service level agreement (SLA) for NuView’s services promises 99.9% uptime for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week for clients on hosted production servers only. Unless dealing with internet backbone driven-outages, maintenance, or backups, the company further agrees that in the event that the SLA is not met due to a fault of NuView or its hosting supplier(s), NuView will implement a half day's credit for each contiguous period lasting greater than 120 minutes from the time NuView is notified. This half day’s credit appears as a percentage of that month's invoice.

NuView HR Software Pricing

As with most payroll and software vendors, specific pricings are not disclosed except as part of a quote tailored to the individual needs of a potential client. However, the differing delivery options offered by NuView provide some insight into the company's pricing model. Specifically:

  1. License Option - in exchange for a fee based on the particular modules required and the employee population, a perpetual license is granted to operate the payroll and HR software. In this option, the client utilizes their own hardware and servers and ‘self-hosts’ and maintains the system on their own premises. This includes installation, future upgrades and the performance of backup and recovery services. There is also the expectation of an additional annual software maintenance contract required for product support. Although this first option carries a higher initial cost, it does allow for multiple module discounts and gives the client the benefit of on-site control of hardware and data.

  2. SaaS/Hosted Option - this is the classic SaaS option in the sense that NuView provide both hardware (via the data centers) and software on a “rental” or pay-as-you-go arrangement. Fees are based on required modules and employee population and are calculated on a per employee, per month basis. In this option, NuView are responsible for installation and upgrades, backups and any necessary recovery services. (See the above section on Hosting for more details of the specifications and service level agreements).

  3. Blended Option - Customer has a perpetual license to operate the software (based on a group of HR software modules and a fixed employee headcount); however, the HR system is hosted in the NuView datacenter for an additional monthly fee. Expectations for this deployment model are that the customer licenses a group of modules (at a fixed employee headcount); NuView provides the hardware (servers) and application through the company's datacenter; NuView installs the software and future upgrades; NuView performs daily backups and provides recovery services; NuView purchases and administers required SQL licenses; and that an additional annual software maintenance contract is required for product support as well as an additional charge per employee per month for hosting.

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NuView Payroll and HR Review



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