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NuView Systems Payroll and HR Software Review

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An Independent Software Review

NuView may well be one of the smallest software vendors to be reviewed here but it also happens to be one of the most innovative (and under-estimated) vendors operating in the payroll and HR arena. This Andover, MA-based company was founded in 1994 by Shafiq Lokhandwala (an electronics and communications engineer by trade) and has been developing web-native HR solutions since the 1990s; culminating in its current NuViewHR best-of-breed HRMS (HR management system) software suite. When comparing NuView’s offering to those of Oracle, SAP, Infor, and Workday, the situation begins to resemble David and Goliath; particularly when NuView’s streamlined staffing of just 100 employees is taken into account. However, by concentrating solely on payroll and HR and not being seduced into diversifying in the direction of other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions, the company has been able to stay lean and focused and produce an HRMS offering that can genuinely compete at the top level.

Back in 1995, the fledgling company’s first product was HR Expert; which automated the benefits administration process and gained plaudits from a number of analysts. Despite this, NuView shifted focus and four years later launched MyHRIS, an HR information system that was web-native and geared towards delivering the entire suite of Payroll and HR administrative functions. It was praised by some chief industry players as one of the top HR software products available at the time.delivered the latest release of NuViewHR v.4.15.

However, seemingly never a company to stand still, NuView eschewed the traditional route of honing, updating and generally maintaining a current and successful solution, and once again began developing a fresh product. In 2005, NuViewHR – an expanded software suite with strong customization capabilities, a comprehensive toolkit, and a host of globally-focused functions – was launched and this time, NuView seem satisfied enough. NuViewHR is now the company’s flagship product for payroll, HR, and benefits administration; the latest release (v.4.16) was announced in February 2012.

An Essential Partnership Strategy

NuView may concentrate on keeping their payroll and HR vision pure and simple, but the company strategy also acknowledges the breadth and depth of offering required to truly compete on the main stage. Consequently, the company has forged a series of strategic partnerships to provide value-added content and/or complementary services to the company's global client base; names include:

  • Celergo – providing outsourced international payroll services in major countries throughout the North America, Europe, and Asia regions; as well as offering a deep expertise in the unique payroll landscapes of Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Pay-Pro/Pay-Well – offering payroll processing and automation services to NuView clients in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, and Malaysia.
  • SmashFly Technologies – leveraging a recruitment marketing platform which allows NuView clients to access a variety of job boards and channels via a single requisition data transaction rather than managing multiple interfaces.
  • Datamatics Management Services, Inc. – a complete time and attendance and workforce scheduling solution, with easy payroll integration.
  • The Benchmark Partners – general HR consulting services, including HR Strategy Development, HR Scorecard, Employee Exit Interviews, HRIT Infrastructure Evaluation and HR Process Mapping.

However, in spite of the best-in-class technology, shrewd strategy and portfolio of like-minded partners, NuView lacks a strong public profile. That is to say, brand awareness is low among potential clients who may be looking for an alternative to the same old names and are ready for something new and innovative. A clientele of 350 customers with 250,000 employees worldwide is hardly insignificant, but with greater exposure, NuView could be ready to boost those figures exponentially.

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