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Oracle Fusion Payroll and HR Software Review


Additional Capabilities of the Oracle HCM Suite

Additional high value features from the Oracle Fusion line that tend to be considered alongside Payroll and HR include the following:

HCM Analytics

With an enterprise software vendor of this size and maturity, it’s no surprise that numerous options are available for business intelligence (BI) in the Oracle Fusion product line. Regarding reports, Oracle Fusion HCM delivers 300+ out-of-the-box reports—additionally leveraging ad hoc reports created through the Oracle BI Publisher (available at no additional licensing costs). Further, more-in-depth and predictive analytics are also available with Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions (one of the industry's top business intelligence offerings), but organizations should take note that this capability is sold as a separately licensed and priced product. Analytics are embedded into business processes so that you can flexibly work in real-time on key dashboard-driven pages and in transactional flows throughout the Oracle Fusion HCM software suite—linking directly to transactions and other decision points. For example, each screen shows additional pieces of relevant information that users can use to make additional decisions (e.g. Voluntary Termination screen allows for sliding scale factors that tie in to compensation, performance, and productivity analyses). And further, using Oracle Data Mining, 120+ indicators can be run through advanced algorithms; benchmarking a customer's historical data against weighted factors and allowing for predictive analyses. As more transactional data is added, the algorithm self-adapts to refine those predictions. Users can then drill down into this analysis to determine which indicators have been triggered so that corrective action can be proactively taken.

Compensation Management

Key features of the Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Management software include: the allocation of multiple types (and currencies) of compensation; the distribution of budgets (including amounts and targets) to managers/employees; the creation of allocation models; the processing of dynamic calculations; the creation of summary analytics; and the ability for compensation configurations to be triggered by either plan or end-user personalization. Further, total compensation views of an employee or a group of employees can occur simultaneously, regardless of geographic location or pay package components. As such, this module provides some of the HR software industry's most robust compensation abilities—especially in terms of the embedded analytics. However, as mentioned previously the segmentation of Incentive Compensation adds an unnecessary layer into the compensation management mix.

Mobile Functionality

Information regarding mobile solutions for the Oracle Fusion HCM solution is spotty at best. What is known is that Oracle provides "access" through a wide range of mobile devices; including iPhone, iPad and Android. However, what is not known is whether this access is driven by a natively-built application for these specific form factors (in which case, the user experience would not suffer) or whether access is simply an outmoded, browser-driven process. It would not be surprising to see Oracle dedicate the considerable time, energy, and resources needed to develop a mobility-driven Fusion HCM application, but given the lack of information forthcoming from Oracle on this functionality, it's safe to assume that the company is following the suit of countless other HR software vendors in not grasping the strategic importance of a robust mobile solution—at least not yet.

International Support

Oracle Fusion International Human Resources and Payroll supports payroll operations in over 200 countries. A natural-language wizard allows organizations to create country- or organization-specific rules for countries where Oracle does not provide a preconfigured local version of human resources and payroll. Utilizing the same graphical tool used by Oracle developers to create delivered payroll extensions, the wizard is preconfigured with legislation independent data, calculations and reports sufficient to enable core human resources and payroll to operate in the new country.Oracle Fusion HCM software offers multi-currency support as well as multi-language functionality; including the translations of: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Further, Oracle Fusion Global Payroll currently delivers pre-configured localizations for China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States. These country extensions are legislatively compliant for Human Resources and Payroll and all localizations support the necessary payroll data capture to be used in the payroll process.

There are predefined rates, rules and human resources data for each country. In China, users have the ability to generate separate individual income tax detail and summary reports as required for Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin. Users can also make payments by bank transfer to China Construction Bank (CCB). In Saudi Arabia, users have the ability to perform gratuity and GOSI (Reports 3, 4, and 5 can be generated) calculations for a regular employee in the payroll period (though this does not include joiners and leavers). In the United Arab Emirates, support for social insurance (Forms 1, 2, 6, and 7 can be generated) deductions and gratuity calculations for payroll processing is provided. In the United Kingdom, information pertaining to PAYE (Pay As You Earn) income tax deductions as well as automatic calculation of the PAYE amount during the payroll run are provided. Users have the ability to define NI processing details and run validation reports to ensure correct processing during the payroll process. In the United States, the ability to create and manage Employee W-4 tax information at the federal and regional level is provided; as is a configurable FLSA solution is available using global payroll functionality such as elements and FastFormula.

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